Why establish your company in Utrecht?

Utrecht exerts a unique attraction to companies and talents. A flourishing city, known for being smart, creative, talented and healthy. It’s residents, companies, knowledge institutes and local authorities join forces for a sustainable society. Utrecht is the perfect location to establish your business, due to it’s central location, accessibility, healthy business climate and well-educated work force. In addition, Utrecht has a broad array of business and office locations for every sector, ranging from the historic inner city to innovative  Utrecht Science Park.

Competitive region in Europe

Competitive region in Europe Competitive region in Europe

Utrecht region is the most competitive region in Europe after London, offering a great business climate, strong economy and well-educated work force (EU RCI 2016 research of 263 regions).  Utrecht region persistently ranks at the top, leaving regions like Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt far behind. Utrecht is leading in regards to digital infrastructure, health, higher education, the job market, technology and innovation.

Healthy Urban Living

Healthy Urban Living Healthy Urban Living

Utrecht is the Netherlands’ fastest growing and healthiest city. A strong economy, focusing on smart, green, innovative and healthy. Outstanding by successfully combining rapid urbanisation and economic growth within the region’s shared ambition: healthy urban living. The people’s health, well-being and prosperity are the focus points in developing a healthy, sustainable living environment. The region collaborates for creative, innovative solutions, products and services to ensure the environment stays green, healthy and livable.

Centrally located & good accessibility

Centrally located & good accessibility Centrally located & good accessibility

Utrecht can rightfuly be called a central meeting point. The city offers excellent accessibility with each mode of transport. Utrecht is located at the most important highways of the Netherlands. Schiphol International Airport is only half an hour away. The largest railway station of the Netherlands, Utrecht Central Station, brings you to any national and international destination. Lage Weide, one of Utrecht’s business parks, offers one of the largest inland ports of the Netherlands. To top it of, the city has a great digital infrastructure.

Well-educated, young work force

Well-educated, young work force Well-educated, young work force

Utrecht is a lively city of knowledge with young, smart residents: 62% of the work force is well-educated. A typical student city, attracting a new influx of talented, smart, young people every year. A large number decides to live and find employment in Utrecht after graduation. In Utrecht, innovative talents and ambitious entrepreneurs are within reach. In brief, the perfect setting to establish your business.

High quality of life

High quality of life High quality of life

Utrecht, a pocket-size metropolis: open, accessible and welcoming. Utrecht is a compact city and can be easily explored by foot or by bicyle. Well-known for its beautiful historic city centre with a large shopping area and a range of cultural amenities. Offering exciting architecture, inspiring museums, lively festivals, unique events and gorgeous parks. A treasured city to live, work and study, qualifying as the Netherlands’ second most attractive city to live in (Atlas for Dutch City councils 2017).

international community

international community international community

Utrecht region is home to 60,000 international talents and more than 900 international companies. The International School offers a global education programme for primary and secondary education based on the European Baccalaureate. For tertiary international students Utrecht has the University College and the International Campus Utrecht. The Expat Center is a central place where newcomers can go for government services and practical information about living, working and studying in Utrecht. For more information please refer to ‘Utrecht Region Newcomer’s Guide’.

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