International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region (IWCUR)

The International Welcome Centre welcomes you to Utrecht Region. The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region (IWCUR) is a central place where internationals can go to for government services and practical information about living, working and studying in Utrecht Region. Whether you are a newcomer or a current international resident: they are here to help you settle in! They offer a number of free services designed to advise and assist you during your arrival and stay in Utrecht Region.

Government formalities
Before starting your new life in Utrecht Region, you should be aware that you need to take care of some essential formalities. At the The International Welcome Centre they offer you personalised support to arrange your legal registration. Learn more at

Practical information
After you have sorted out all the formalities, you may still have many questions related to living, working and studying in the Utrecht Region. No problem! Their experts are happy to provide you with information about topics related to housing, education, healthcare, finance, job opportunities, as well as cultural and leisure activities in the region. To start, you can find a lot of information related to these topics on their website.

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