Utrecht Region once again among Europe’s most competitive regions

The Utrecht Region has once more reached the absolute pinnacle of Europe’s most competitive regions. According to the European Commission (EC), Utrecht is ranked equal second, close behind London and ahead of regions such as Paris and Frankfurt. The index was compiled on the basis of over seventy indicators. These relate to topics including innovation, accessibility, digital infrastructure, education, health and the labour market.

According to the Commission, the Utrecht Region is among the European leaders in the field of education and the labour market. In order to retain this position, however, considerable investments will have to be made during the next few years, to ensure that the skills of Utrecht’s working population adequately match labour market demands. The same applies when it comes to rendering Utrecht attractive to talent from abroad. Furthermore, a higher level of enrolment in IT courses is essential if we are to remain competitive.

The Utrecht Region has a young working population, its scientists possess excellent knowledge, while the economy is highly service-based, and its local authorities, businesses and knowledge &educational institutes collaborate closely with one another. These factors enable Utrecht to perform particularly well in the field of both the development and application of new technologies. The Utrecht Region also offers ample scope for businesses to devise new solutions for a healthy urban lifestyle, then validate, swiftly apply and introduce them to the international market. Flagship firms in this field include Merus, Genmab (based at the Utrecht Science Park), 2Getthere, Energyworx, FocusCura, Energetika and Lomboxnet.

In two previous editions of the index, Utrecht achieved scores which put it in first place, among all 266 regions participating. This latest edition is based on figures accumulated during the years 2014 and 2015, a period in which the Netherlands in general and the Utrecht Region in particular were still affected by the aftermath of the economic crisis.

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